Microsoft SkyDrive app for Android rumoured to be coming soon

Microsoft hasn’t really taken to supporting Google’s Android OS. While it has created various apps for the platform, including a decent Hotmail client, its support has been tentative at best compared to iOS.

But Microsoft knows that in order to achieve its cloud storage goals, it must extend SkyDrive availability to all. While companies like HTC current tap into the SkyDrive API on its One Series devices, the company is rumoured to be creating a dedicated Android app, following up its iOS and Windows Phone releases from earlier this year.

According to internal documents received by The Verge, the Android release will coincide with SkyDrive Milestone 4, expected sometime in August. With all these expansion plans, it’s becoming difficult to choose a cloud storage provider between Microsoft, Google’s Drive, Dropbox, Sugarsync and others.

What’s your cloud storage provider of choice? Would an official Android app be incentive enough to go Microsoft?

Source: The Verge