TELUS will now unlock your iPhone for $50 (starts June 1st)

TELUS started to unlock customers phones last year for a fee of $50. The list was extensive and included almost every manufacturer on various platforms, including BlackBerry and Android. However, there was one major manufacturer and device missing: Apple’s iPhone. TELUS noted on their site that they are “unable to unlock any version of the Apple iPhone” and gave no clue of when this would be possible.

Today, we bring TELUS iPhone users news. Effective June 1st TELUS will begin to unlock iPhones for $50. According to an internal doc we received it states this “is a service that TELUS offers its customers to enhance their experience by providing more flexibility and freedom in the use of their device.” Of course there’s a bit of fine print. TELUS will only unlock your iPhone if you meet the following criteria:

– The iPhone must operate on the TELUS’ HSPA network.
– Client must have an iPhone registered for a postpaid account with TELUS for at least 90 days.
– The customer’s account must be current and in good standing.
– The last three consecutive bills must have been paid in full.
– Available for Consumer, Business, and Corporate accounts

Happy unlocking.
(Thanks tipsters!)