XDA Developers release a book, the Android Hackers Toolkit

Android modding, hacking and custom ROM development is proliferating at a ridiculous pace, with hundreds of devices hitting the market every year capable of being ‘the next big hackers’ phone.’

XDA-Developers is a haven for such users, and millions of lines of text have been poured into instruction on rooting, installing custom recoveries, kernels and ROMs. Now that instruction has been corollated into an actual book. The text also gives users a layman’s introduction to the forum itself, which is a sprawling and rather confusing entity that is constantly growing, changing and improving.

All the revenue from the book will go towards the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the default charity used in the popular Humble Bundle. The book costs between $19 and $22 at Amazon depending on whether it’s the physical or e-variety. Head on over to XDA-Developers for more details.

Via: XDA-Developers