PlayStation Suite renamed to PlayStation Mobile, Sony partnering with HTC to expand its reach

Didn’t see this one coming. Sony announced during its E3 keynote address that it will be renaming its PlayStation Suite, previously only available on Sony Android handsets, to PlayStation Mobile, and expanding it to HTC devices.

The move is seen as a necessary one, since Sony’s handset marketshare is fairly small, and HTC has released some of the most powerful and desirable devices so far this year in the One S and One X. This will help both companies where they’re strongest — Sony in content, HTC in hardware differentiation — and further separate HTC from incumbent Samsung at a time when they need a big hit. The One X and Galaxy S III are spec-for-spec a match, so being able to claim that the former will play PSOne  and PSmini games that aren’t available to any other manufacturer other than Sony is a big deal. Earlier this year the Japanese giant released its PlayStation app framework in beta form to allow developers access to the then-PlayStation Suite SDK.

PlayStation Mobile will be available later this year for the One X, One S and One V, and we’re assuming Sony isn’t going to let HTC hog the spotlight for too long; we’d expect to see a few more hardware partners announced before the year is up. Whether the alliance will mend Sony’s tumultuous relationship with Android consumers, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess.

Source: Techcrunch 
(image credit: TechnoBuffalo)