Privacy Commissioner creates a comic to educate youth on the risks of sharing personal info online

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) has created a lovely comic to illustrate how technology is creating a serious privacy risks. Specifically targeting youth, which Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner of Canada, says is the “Facebook generation” that has the ability to quickly and easily share personal information. The key areas for privacy concerns stem from texts, email, IM and “are all very easily computer readable and therefore subject to complex analysis by computers. Sophisticated software can track individuals through their unique identifying device numbers – revealing their location in time and place, their Internet activities and their interactions with other people with whom they form a community.”

The comic can be found at the link below, but the Commissioner has compiled 10 tips to curb your privacy online:

– Think before you click
– Know who your friends are
– Tighten your privacy settings
– Avoid disclosing your location
– Don’t share your password and change it regularly
– Trust your instincts
– Understand new features such as geo-tagging before you try them
– Be aware of your online reputation
– Protect your privacy, as well as that of your friends
– Be discreet

Be careful out there.

Source: Youth Privacy
Via: Privacy Commission