Evernote Food for Android completes the catch-up to iOS

Evernote Food was released, along with Hello, on iOS last year in what was the first big expansion for the company outside of a strictly “note-taking” medium. Whereas Hello allowed users to share contact information in an organic, frictionless way, Food was a lot more linear: take a picture of your food, write about it, share who you were with (and whether it is linked to a specific Evernote note), and where the meal was. Each capture is saved in a specific Evernote notebook and can be accessed from within Food or the main app itself.

The Android app doesn’t veer too far from its iOS roots, but integrates a few nice ICS touches. It’s not a revolutionary app, but for anyone looking to remember those great meals (and don’t want to use Foursquare to do it) Evernote Food is a good alternative.

Download Evernote Food from Google Play. Check after the break for a demo video.