Foursquare 5.0 for iOS and Android plugs into your past to predict your future

They’ve been teasing it all week, and last night Foursquare released its brand new app for iOS (and soon Android). The change boils down to how the app presents information: there’s now a lot more of it.

In addition to presenting places to check into like before, the Explore tab has been made front and centre, allowing you to find suggested places in your area based on your previous recommendations. If you’ve checked into a sports bar in your hood many times before, Explore will tell you that there’s a great little pub down the street.

You can also see more of your friends’ posts — previous checkins, pictures, tips — which were previously almost hidden, with a convoluted multi-step path to get there. It also focuses on you: where you’ve been, what you enjoy doing the most. You have access to every checkin you’ve ever made, so Foursquare has become more of a life-journal app than something merely to “declare I’m here.”

If you’re into Foursquare at all, it’s worth checking out the upgrade, and if you haven’t used it because it sounded too simple — “checking in, what’s that?” — I’d urge you to try it.

The update is now live for iOS and Android. An update for the BlackBerry OS will be available shortly.

Via: Mashable