Google Chrome for Android updated with bug fixes and performance improvements

Nothing major to see here, but Google Chrome for Android has received a small update today to fix some lingering bugs and increasing performance on all Android 4.0-based handsets. We previously heard that the browser was almost ready to leave beta, but it looks like that won’t be for a little while longer. The last update to Chrome for Android was in April, so it’s a little disappointing that the latest build is only slightly improved from the previous one.

The feature I’d like to see the most on Chrome for Android is full-screen mode; both Samsung’s and HTC’s native browsers come with said mode, and on new devices like the  Galaxy S III and One X it makes browsing that much more desktop-like.

If you happen to be rocking a new Android 4.0-based device, or have recently been updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, I’d recommend giving Chrome for Android a try. It’s really, really good.