HTC has a guide for retailers to convince people the One X is better than the Galaxy S III

Many companies release internal documents to their partners detailing how to outsell a product over a competitors’. Photos obtained from a phone retailer show how far HTC is willing to go to win your business for the One X over the Galaxy S III.

The document is called Countering Objections, and it raises some points that potential buyers are likely to bring up — the Galaxy S III has a removable battery, a microSD slot, a bigger display — in an effort to downplay the potential disadvantages HTC has compared to Samsung.

While the document looks at the international One X model, with its 1.5Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, it’s still an interesting look at the way point-of-sale CSRs are encouraged to sell a product. The document points out that despite the bigger screen, the GS3 uses a PenTile matrix which “looks less bright and bluish…and is lower density.” It also points out that the One X’s unibody design “is more resistant to dust and water,” than Samsung’s removable back cover.

After the break, you can see some other examples — HTC really harps on the Galaxy S III screen, showing the differences in screen technologies between HD Super AMOLED and Super LCD 2, right down to the microscopic detail.

What do you think? Would hearing some of these reasons point you in the direction of the One X?

Via: TheNextWeb