Nokia promises purple tint fix and performance enhacement update for Rogers Lumia 900

The AT&T version of the Nokia Lumia 900 received a substational update today, fixing the purple tint issue that had been plaguing the device since its release. Chris Weber, in our meeting yesterday, assured me that the Rogers version would be getting the same update in the near future, though he wouldn’t specify a date (it’s up to the carrier, he said, to set a release date).

As for the individual changes, they are listed as follows:

– Fix for purple display issue (greys looked purple when brightness was set to low)
– Proximity sensor fix (improved the likelihood of the screen staying off when put to the ear during a call)
– Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Weber also promised that Lumia 900 owners would be receiving a much more substantial software upgrade in the future, with features that will “delight and amaze” users. We’re really looking forward to seeing what Nokia has in store, and we’ll update you when Rogers is releasing the maintenance update.

Via: WPCentral