Microsoft files patent application for “Dual Module Portable Devices”

A couple years ago Microsoft showcased a video of the future. It was inviting and very promising. Everyone was happy to speak to each other, smiling and interacting through many electronic devices. One of them was a smartphone that had a detachable dual touchscreen.

Looks like Microsoft is digging their heels in as they’ve filed a patent application on the idea. According to the application, which was filed on February 15th but updated yesterday, reveals the patent name is “Dual Module Portable Devices.” Microsoft lawyers say that “a position of the first module may be determined relative to the second module of the portable device. Once the relative position of the first module has been determined, a portion of a user interface associated with the relative position may be displayed at the first module.”

Confused how this will work? The dual displays will actually operate together via “magnetic attraction.” Both displays would have a touchscreen that can be snapped together to operate as one display, or work independently as two displays. Microsoft gives a slight insight how this technology would function by stating that this magnetic attraction comprises of “magnetic strips at each edge.”

Perhaps the future is closer than we think.

Source: USTPO
Via: UnwiredView & WMPU