Videotron will start taking Galaxy S III pre-orders on June 13th

Quebec-based Videotron was the first carrier to announce that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available on June 20th, but there’s the last to start pre-orders. Understandably, as other carriers like TELUS, Rogers and Bell have a much bigger market and will sell more devices. However, if you’ve been waiting for Videotron to open up GS III pre-orders then you should mark June 13th on your calendar. The company stated on Twitter that this is the date customers/potential customers can drop down their hard earned cash. There’s still no word on their pricing – most likely it’ll be inline with all the others at $649 and $699 outright for the 16GB and 32GB version, plus about $159 and $199 on a reduced plan.

Source: Twitter
Via: Videotron