HTC One X gets unofficial builds of CyanogenMOD 9 and AOKP

Slowly but surely the North American version of the HTC One X is catching up to its international Tegra 3 counterpart. In recent days working builds of CyanogenMOD 9 and AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) have cropped up for the flagship phone, and while there are a few things still not working properly, video recording being the biggest, we’re finally able to see the development light at the end of the tunnel.

The community development process for the One X has been interesting. When it was released last month the AT&T version was bootloader-locked, leaving only the Rogers variant even remotely hackable. Soon after, a root solution was found for all devices and, days later, someone figured out how to “trick” the AT&T model to think it was from Rogers, a method called SuperCID. After that the custom ROM floodgates opened, and now AOSP-based builds of CM9 and AOKP are trickling in.

Like with all HTC custom ROMs, you must have an unlocked bootloader (which will wipe your device) and a custom recovery, but once you’ve got those two nailed down you’re good to go.

Head on over to XDA-Developers for CM9 and RootzWiki for AOKP. Remember, these are unofficial builds, so backup your current ROM before flashing!