Siri coming to new iPad, Original iPad will not receive iOS 6

This isn’t surprising considering the hardware limitations inside these older products, but Apple’s two-and-a-bit years old OG iPad will not receive iOS 6. This is likely due to the 256MB of RAM inside the device and the lack of sufficient GPU capabilities to power all the newest features.

Even more disturbing, however, is the lack of FlyOver and turn-by-turn navigation support for the iPhone 4, which uses the same A4 chip as the iPad but has an extra 256MB of RAM to work with. This is in addition to the iPhone 4 not having Siri.

In other words, to get the full iOS 6 experience you’ll need either an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2 or a new iPad. Amazingly, Siri support has been added to the new iPad, but the iPad 2 is left out of that one.

In all, another exemplary product launch from Apple, but there are going to be some pretty upset OG iPad and iPhone 4 users out there today. It also furthers the idea of fragmentation within the iOS ecosystem — to have all the software features, you must own the latest generation of the hardware.

Source: Apple
Via: The Verge