What do you want to see in iOS 6? Here’s some of our suggestions

Apple will announce “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” iOS 6, today at WWDC. We still have  a few hours before the big reveal, and we’re wondering what you’d like to see in the update.

iOS 5 brought many of the features people were clamouring for, including a new notification system and folder support. But others still think it didn’t go far enough — multitasking is a bit clunky, and there aren’t enough opportunities for personalization in the OS.

We know that iOS 6 will bring a new independent-from-Google Maps, and likely a new overall colour scheme, but besides that we have no idea what to expect.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

1. Make the notification centre more like Android. I hate the iOS 5 Notification Centre. It’s clunky, difficult to configure and you end up having to clear messages based on app; there is no way to dismiss a single notification.

2. I want a better camera. Windows Phone and the newest crop of Android phones have spoiled me; the camera experience iOS is far too simple. While the lens and sensor combo of the iPhone 4S is still one of the best on the market, I’ve taken to relying on third-party apps such as Camera+ to facilitate my photo taking. We need manual exposure settings built into the Camera app and a panorama mode.

3. Allow us to change default apps. Another thing I’d like copped from Android is the ability to change default apps. If I could do so, I wouldn’t need the above inclusion: I’d just switch my default camera app. But as iOS gets more sophisticated and an increasing number of apps interact with one another, I’d like to change my default browser, image editor and music player.

4. Quick settings. In short, the need to dig into the Settings menu to turn off WiFi or Bluetooth is nothing short of criminal. Jailbreak apps such as IntelliscreenX have implemented this feature just above the Notification Centre and it works extremely well. Let’s see Apple take another cue from the developer community.

5. More explicit iCloud file management. I don’t need iCloud to be magic, but I do need to know where my files are. The idea of backing up my files and settings is great, but I’d love to know where they are, or how to manipulate them. A recent iPhone restore proved that even Apple’s finest is not reliable; upon attempting to restore the iCloud backup I’d made that morning, I was told it didn’t exist.

6. Bring Canadian location details to Siri!

7. Better battery life.

That’s a short list of what I’d like to see in iOS 6. Agree? Disagree? Let us know below.

Image credit via (Twitter)