Contest: Win a 3-month Rdio streaming music subscription

Winners Chosen: Congratulations to the following winners! We will be contacting you shortly.

Lucas Denison, Mischa Price, Daley, Landon, jtran

Music is one of those things that complements a boring commute, a nice summer day, or a lazy winter Sunday. And since smartphones make mean music players, either on- or offline, we tend to get excited about great services or apps that make the experience even better.

Rdio is one such service that, since launching in Canada in 2011, has exploded in popularity. There’s no secret formula for its success, though: Rdio is multi-platform, well-designed, reliable and, most of all, has a huge library of 15 million songs.

We had a chance to sit down with Scott Bagby, VP of Strategic & International Partnerships, who told me that the best is yet to come for Rdio. They recently launched an overhauled Android app, and have been steadily updating their iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry variants. The service supports offline caching, too, the only limit being the amount of internal storage on your device. It’s social recommendation feature has introduced me to hundreds of bands I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered, and the streaming quality is as good as any paid-for MP3.

An Rdio subscription goes for $9.99/month (which has become an industry standard based on a compromise between artists, labels and providers, Scott tells me) but we are lucky enough to have five 3-month Rdio subscriptions to give away.

Here’s the deal: we want you to do something for us in exchange for a chance to win. We’ve started a MobileSyrup Rdio account with a MobileSyrup Favourites playlist (embedded below) that we’re going to constantly add to. In addition to that, we’re asking you to submit one song you’d love to see on a MobileSyrup Mobile Favourites playlist. That is, songs you love to listen while on-the-go, either when commuting, walking around or just sitting at a coffee shop listening to music on your phone.

We’re going to pick five submissions at random to win a 3-month Rdio subscription and, when the contest is over, we’ll post the Mobile Favourites playlist below. So, go ahead: enter in the comments below by submitting one artist and song. The submission should read like below:

The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

The contest will close on Sunday, June 17th. Good luck to everyone who enters!