Mobilicity promo sees all plans get discounted to $30/month

Mobilicity has yet again discounted their monthly plans – all of them. For anyone interested in signing up (the promo is only available to new activations) you can now get the Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Value, or Unlimited Everything plan for $30/month. Reading the fine print says that the $30/month deal is only good for the first year, then it’ll get jacked back up in price. Once again, I have no idea how they are sustaining themselves. Their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) must be well below $30. The promo starts today and goes until the 17th. All the plans – which could included unlimited talk, text and data – are listed above.

Update: In addition, Mobilicity just sent out a Tweet that they too are stopping Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders today at midnight. Future Shop and Best Buy stopped their pre-orders last Friday… so it certainly seems that Canadians are loving the upcoming GS III.

Source: Mobilicity