Windows Phone 8 screenshots leak online, shows Skype integration, camera UI and “DataSmart” app

In less than a week Microsoft is expected to give a “sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone.” There’s been a few rumours as to what this will entail, such as Skype integration, 3D maps and camera features. A new set of images have leaked online that are claiming to be screenshots captured from a device running Windows Phone 8. As expected there’s Skype deeply integrated and shows that you’ll have the option to answer a call with video, ignore or just answer with voice.

Next there’s a data usage app called “DataSmart” that does what you think it would by showing your data usage. It looks to be presented nicely, including a Live Tile on your homescreen, and shows how much data you’ve consumed via your phone or Wi-Fi in a pie chart, plus a bar chart that shows an estimated amount of days left until you go over your data allowance. In addition there’s a pic of the new Nokia Drive 3.0 UI, nothing yet surfacing in 3D. Finally, the camera app shows a feature that allows you to toggle between front and rear-facing cameras, plus a slider for the zoom in/zoom out settings.

Hopefully more will be revealed next week.

Source: NokiaInnovations
Via: WPCentral