Samsung to release an AWS-compatible 720p QWERTY Android phone?

If you thought the QWERTY Android smartphone was dead, think again. After releasing the Galaxy S Glide last year on Rogers and AT&T, the company is looking to bring a similar device to T-Mobile, and therefore potentially Mobilicity, WIND and Videotron.

The unannounced device is said to have a 720p display of unknown size, though it looks to be around 4.3-inches, and a 5MP camera to go along with the five-row keyboard and Snapdragon S3 processor. In other words, it’s not the QWERTY Galaxy S III people may be clamouring for, but that’s not a bad thing if the price is right.

What’s nice about the phone, too, is that it seems relatively narrow despite the added girth of the keyboard, and has a dedicated home button as well. We’ll bring you more about the device as it comes.

Source: Tmonews
Via: PhoneArena