WIND Mobile planning to launch loyalty program called “WindDollar”

Fido has been rewarding their customers for several years through a loyalty program called “FidoDollars.” This gives the customer a percentage back every month of Fido currency that can be exchange for a new phone, airtime etc. According to this screenshot it seems like WIND Mobile is possibly planning something similar.

If you’re a WIND customer and acted fast you might have seen the words “WindDollar” appear on your login screen. There’s no word on what exactly it is, but you can see it shows the option to check your “Winddollar Current Balance.” In addition, when you scroll over the tab you get a pop-up windows that shows random text that clearly shows the program is in the works. We’ll find out more info on the “WindDollar,” but seems like a WIND loyalty program is just around the corner.

(Thanks Obstacle-Man!)