Update: TELUS making changes to Prepaid data on July 18th

TELUS Prepaid customers have been receiving text messages indicating that changes are forthcoming.

“As of Jul 18 your data + msg 20 feature will include 100MB instead of 250MB. The price will reamin at $20/30days. Free TELUS msg. Then a following message stated “On Jul 18 the rate for exceeding your feature’s data limit will reduce from $3/MB to $1/MB. Only includes data. Free TELUS msg.”

So TELUS is dropping the allotted amount of data on prepaid plans, keeping the monthly price the same, and have also reduced the overage fee. Interesting strategy, but really depends on how much data you use on a monthly basis. It’s estimated that 100/MB data gives you about 400 emails/month or surf about 600 webpages.

In TELUS’ Q1 2012 report they indicated that prepaid subscribers are falling fast, stating that net subscriber losses were 41,000. TELUS currently has 7,362,000 subscribers and 1,169,000 of them are on prepaid.

Update: We’ve just heard back from TELUS and it seems current prepaid customers will not be affected and will keep the same data allotment, but only if they put themselves on auto-renew. Here’s the full statement:

“Consistent with past practices, existing Prepaid customers with the 250 MB of data included in their plan will not be impacted by the Data plus messaging 20 rate plan change as long as they are on an auto-renew plan or sign-up to the auto-renew feature. Clients can easily set up auto-renew by dialing #123 from their device or by logging into their online account.”

(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)