“iPhone 5” in white, with iOS 6, gets a nice mockup

Although rumours have been swirling for months it’s expected that Apple will most announce and unveil the next iPhone in September. We’ve seen pictures and videos of what’s apparently severa; parts of the next-gen iPhone… and now talented graphic designers have taken their skills and created some stellar looking renderings. Martin Hajek sent his work into Gizmodo of a “iPhone 5” in white and it’s looking really impressive. Hajek shows the new iPhone to be taller and thinner, plus the a smaller dock connector, the headphone jack shifting to the bottom, new speaker grills, loaded it with iOS 6, larger camera lens and even illustrates that the two-tone backing (possibly aluminum) is a fingerprint magnet. In addition, not sure if it was intentional but the reception is down to one bar.

Check out other pics below. If this is what Apple comes out with, would you buy?

Source: Gizmodo
Via: Flickr