Google+ streams coming to Flipboard app, what does this mean for Currents?

No one really knows how successful Google+ has been for the company that has been pushing the service into its other feeds like Gmail, YouTube and more. But Bradley Horowitz, Google’s VP of Product Management, told a Le Web audience that Google+ streams are coming to Flipboard, the de facto magazine-style news aggregation app on the market.

Recently launched for Android on smartphones, and available for the iPad and iPhone natively, Flipboard is usually the brand of choice when thinking of such an app; Zite was purchased by CNN last year, and Google Currents recently launched internationally, giving it a wider berth with which to work.

Horowitz said that the expansion to Flipboard is a natural progression, especially since Google+ received a revamp on both iOS and Android and user interaction has been boosted as a result. He wouldn’t comment on whether the 170 million users figure is higher now than earlier this year, but we’ll likely find out more at Google I/O next week.

The expansion of the Google+ API has also been seen as the only way to really save the struggling social network, as users are finding themselves with too many apps to open and web pages to click. Having your Circles available in Flipboard could bring a much-needed boost to the brand, too. Whether this means Google’s own Currents app will be shut down, or if it’s an indication that it is not such a successful endeavour, remains to be seen.

Source: TNW