MightyText for syncs texts, calls and messages between Android phones and the web

The potential for disruption in the instant messaging space has been ripe for a long time. Sure, there many, many IM alternatives to texting such as Kik, WhatsApp, Touch, GTalk, MSN and others, but since iMessage integrated directly into iOS, Android users have been clamoring for the same cross-platform usability.

While MightyText doesn’t quite fit that mould exactly, it moves the conversation enough that I feel it could gain considerable traction. The idea is simple: you download an app on your Android device (2.2+) and as an extension for your browser. It uses your Google account to sync messages, either text-based or data-based depending on whether the recipient is also using the app, to both your phone and PC. The web extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and, with a bit of hacking, Internet Explorer.

Like Rogers One Number, you can receive text notifications directly on your computer, so if you’re at the office and can’t use your phone MightyText can substitute. The sync is also instantaneous and notably more reliable than Apple’s Messages beta they released earlier in the year. Another neat feature is an automatic backup of your texts and MMS’s, something I always forget to do whenever I change ROMs.

If you’re looking for another way to communicate, but don’t want to make your friends get “yet another IM app,” try MightyText for Android and PC.

Via: Techcrunch