TELUS’ “Big Picture” Contest starts today, celebrates 3 Canadian artists and brings back Pictionary

TELUS is launching a new contest today called the “Big Picture Contest.” Three Canadian artists – Jen Prior, Gyimah Gariba, Steve Wilson – will use the Samsung Galaxy Note and bring back the old school game Pictionary. Interested players can register at Facebook or submit their email and will have to guess what they are drawing. Not only will you see what the artists are drawing online, but there’s a “word bank” that will appear at the top of the screen.

It seems like the contest will start at 12 noon EST and there’s a total of 9 rounds and nine winners each day over the course of the contest (June 19th and 20th). Additionally, non-winners who answered correctly will be entered into a draw for an opportunity to win a Galaxy Note at the end of each day. TELUS is also donating $20,000 to the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Learning for the Arts program that will help strengthen arts and culture in Canada.

Check it out here at telusbigpicture.com