Mobilicity proposes to make their “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” a national holiday

Mobilicity has submitted an application to the Federal Government to make give their “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” promo “official Holiday Status.” In a press release today Mobilicity stated that “Canada may be the true north, strong and free, but as long as the majority of Canadians are locked in wireless contracts, wireless freedom is at risk.”

Mobilicity is one of Canada’s newest wireless carriers and operated in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa, offering no-contract unlimited talk, text and data plans. Their “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” is actually happening on June 23rd and 24th and will give you a $200 credit when you port your number and register a new account. Of course, there’s fine print. In their ad it notes that “Mobilicity urges customers to terminate any contract only with the knowledge of and in accordance with any contractual terms. $200 credit is provided to customers account, in equal instalments of $10 per month for 20 months.”

Mobilicity has also created a video that gives some customers feedback where they said that switching was the best thing they’ve done, “it’s changed my life,” and “my wife went crazy on me.”

So there you have it. A possible new holiday in Canada and a $200 port in credit offer.

Source: Mobilicity
(Thanks Ank!)