Stitcher Radio launches new iOS and Android app with Smart Station and Sleep Timer

Stitcher, the popular mobile app for listening to podcasts, has released a nice update today that strengthens its core feature set, providing a “radio” feature for continued listening that adapts to your profile. The update, which is being released on iOS and Android today, attempts to recreate the continuous listening phenomenon of Pandora, Spotify and Slacker Radio.

The main feature addition is Smart Station, the app will make recommendations on what to listen to based on your previous listening history, favourite shows and “thumbs ups.” There’s also a new Sleep Timer so you can drift off to the droning sounds of your favourite radio host.

On iOS and Android (4.0+) you can now see what’s playing on your lock screen, something that was a long time coming.

Overall this should be a great boost to any fans of the app.

Download Stitcher Radio for iOS and Android now.