Will Chrome become the standard Android browser in Jellybean? And other clues from the Google I/O app

So, take this with lots of salt, but let’s look at some clues given to us by the Google I/O 2012 app that was released yesterday.

First, the obvious one. Jellybean is a given for this conference, and there are inevitably going to be some changes to the operating system. The most likely of which is a 1.0 stable version of Chrome for Android which will replace the stock Android browser. You can see that Google has shown, ostensibly, a stock screen from what we believe is Jellybean, with Chrome in place of the regular browser icon. Now this could just be coincidence, someone from Google demoing the new widget with Chrome on their screen, but we believe there are no accidents when it comes to Google.

Now look at the Google Search bar; compared to the current one, which is transparent and more “Holo,” this one is a bit more chrome, a little bit fresher and cool. Again, nothing set in stone but we’d like to think that it’s no accident.

Next, let’s look at the the clock on the top-right of the screen. 25:10 is no time I’m familiar with, so this leads me to believe it’s another clue. Perhaps 25th of October? Another Nexus device? Who knows, but it sure is suspicious.

And finally, let’s look at what hasn’t changed. If the screenshots represent a first look at Jellybean, the overall ICS aesthetic has remained intact, representing the biggest visual change to Android since its inception. Considering that only around 7% of devices are running ICS, and fewer of them still stock Android, the significance is diminished somewhat, but there’s no discounting that Android is one good-looking operating system.

What do you think? Are we reading far too much into this? What’s your take on these Google easter eggs?

Via: Phandroid