Microsoft to open first Canadian retail store in Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Back in February there was speculation that Microsoft would be opening a retail location in Toronto this year. A new report from The Star reveals this to be true. Apparently building permits have popped up that shows Yorkdale Shopping Centre will be the the inaugural Canadian location. Unfortunately both Microsoft and Yorkdale have declined to comment on the news. In regards to when the store will open, no clues yet, but you would expect Microsoft has a desire to capitalize on the busy Q4 holiday sales. Hopefully this means that Canadians will get the chance to purchase the newly announced Surface tablet, plus those new Windows Phone 8 handsets.

If true, then Microsoft will join other manufacturers such as Apple, Sony and Samsung with a physical retail store. Samsung is scheduled to open their retail store in Burnaby, B.C. this Summer.

Update: Today Microsoft confirmed the news that their first Canadian store will indeed be located at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. The opening is expected to be before the end of the year, specifically targeting holiday shoppers.

Source: Microsoft
Via: The Star
(Thanks Nate!)