Nokia has no future plans to license Scalado technology to other OEMs

We told you last week that Nokia has purchased, for all intents and purposes, Scalado AB, the imaging software company that has been expanding its public image in recent months. It currently licenses its software to HTC and RIM, which will integrate its “back in time” feature in BlackBerry 10.

But Nokia also announced a bunch of Scalado-built features that will come soon to Nokia Lumia devices and, eventually, all Windows Phone 8 handsets, and they have no plans to continue licensing the technology to others. Nokia’s Kevin Shields said, “It’s pretty unlikely that we would then turn around and licence that thing out to our competitors.” In addiiton, Shields noted that the current relationships have a bit of flixibility to them, noting that “We’re doing it in such a way that Scalado can…fully deliver on commitments they’ve made to all of their partners, that includes RIM,”

It’s exciting to know that the next generation of Windows Phone will focus even more on a great camera experience — Scalado is a big part of that for Nokia and Microsoft in general.

Via: The Verge