Rumour: First BlackBerry 10 device production ahead of schedule, coming in new colour by end of September

According to a source at N4BB, the upcoming BlackBerry 10 device is coming soon to market. Previously thought to be announced in August and released to market by October, the source says that RIM is ahead of schedule on design and the final product has actually been manufactured, including the LTE chip that they were waiting on. This could lead to an earlier market time, likely late September, though that could change at any time based on component supply.

The source also says that the initial BB10 device will come in “a colour never before seen on a BlackBerry.” We’ve seen black, white, red, pink, purple and blue BlackBerry devices before, so we’re excited to learn what this “never before seen” colour will be. Perhaps “pebble blue?”

Last bit of good news: according to the source, the design of the first hardware keyboard-based BB10 device has also been completed. The only thing remaining now is the completed BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is hopefully going gold by the end of August.

What do you think? Is September the right time for BB10? Perhaps they’re trying to release it just before the new iPhone comes out.

Source: N4BB