Box introduces OneCloud for Android, partners with 50 apps to share data

Box is arguably the most comprehensive cloud storage/collaboration productivity tool, and after launching OneCloud on iOS earlier this year they’re bringing the same functionality to Android phones and tablets. Partnering with 50 apps in order to share data easily and safely, this launch is great news in the run-up to Google I/O and the inevitable launch of the Nexus Tablet.

While you can get by without using OneCloud, the idea is pretty easy to understand: files with different extensions such as .docx or .jpg can be loaded within the app using the built-in viewer, but if you’re looking for something more comprehensive, there is a list of 50 apps that can be downloaded from Google Play to do more extensive editing. For example, like in iOS, QuickOffice Pro hooks into the app to open Word documents and, once completed, the changes are saved in the cloud.

Box offers 5GB of storage for free, but many Android phones from LG, Sony and more offer 50GB of permanent storage for personal use. Download it from Google Play if you’re interested.

Via: Google Play