Gmail for iOS updated with push notifications, Send As support and bug fixes

Gmail for iOS suffered from the curse of being a bad app for much of its life. Considered nothing more than a wrapper for the mobile site, it lacked push notifications, iPad support and more when it was first released. Now, a few updates later, the software is finally coming into its own and risks being a contendor to replace Sparrow as my go-to third-party iPhone mail app.

The new version comes with push notifications, finally, as well as the ability to “Send As” a pre-defined alias, two features many users have been waiting for since the app’s inception. Google has also taken care of the odd bug that would log you out after an update.

Sure, with iOS 6 bringing a Priority Inbox-like VIP folder, as well as pull-to-refresh and a number of other mail improvements, Gmail for iOS may not be long for this world, but for many users entrenched in the company’s expansive ecosystem, this update is be sure to please.

Check out Gmail for iOS on iTunes.

Via: TNW