Wimbledon 2012 app comes to iOS and Android

The Wimbeldon tennis tournament is one of the premier tennis events of the year, and much like the Superbowl or the Masters, these days the biggest ones need their own apps.

The tournament itself starts today in earnest (qualifiers were last week) and the mobile apps have been released to follow suit. Last year mobile Wimbledon was available for available for only iPhone, but the organizers must have felt Android was important enough these days to warrant its own version. The UI is not pretty, but the app is full of interesting facts, stats, news, live scores, video and bios. This year they’ve added a feature called Live@Wimbledon, which provides radio commentary on Centre Court and No. 1 Court, as well as “Around the Grounds.”

It’s also interesting to see the proliferation of “single-serving” apps on both platforms these days; sports tournaments such as Wimbledon are a great example of something that will likely only be used for a week once a year, but the user interaction is deemed important enough to build something native, as opposed to relying merely on a mobile webpage.

If you’re a tennis fan at all, head on over to Google Play or iTunes to download the Wimbledon app.

Source: Google Play and iTunes
Via: Android Police