CyanogenMOD 9 Release Candidate 1 now available for download

It’s been a long wait since Android 4.0 was released to AOSP back in November, but the good people at CyanogenMOD have been working feverishly to bring CM9 to as many devices as possible. Perhaps appropriately the first Release Candidate is being released as we gear up for Google I/O, but we can’t imagine it is a coincidence. Considering Google is set to release Android 4.1 Jellybean tomorrow, it couldn’t come soon enough.

The release is available for 37 devices, many of which are available in Canada. It took 225 days to get to this point, and a lot of reworking of the original CM code due to underlying changes made to Android 4.0 from 2.3. The result, however, is a framework that can be more easily ported to new devices, and stable, speedy performance achieved after a shorter period of time.

A bug tracker is also open to the public, allowing users to submit issues directly into a sorted database, as opposed to errant blog posts that may never be tracked or seen by the developers themselves.

The portal get.cm is where you’ll find all the Release Candidates, so head on over and find one for your device.

Source: CyanogenMOD
Via: Android Central