Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7.8 on a Lumia 900, emphasizes new home screen

Windows Phone 7.8 may not get all the next-gen features of its WP8 successor, but in the very least it will receive the new home screen that Microsoft touted during the Developer Summit last week.

The ability to adjust live tile sizes was one of the main features we saw during the demonstration, allowing users to create a set of tiles that is completely unique to his or her device. It’s not a revolutionary feature — we would have preferred it in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango — but it’s really nice to have.

Ben Rudolph, the main Windows Phone evangelist at Microsoft, uses the Lumia 900 to show off the new feature, lending credence to the idea that the device is still considered a flagship and that it will live on as a legacy phone once Windows Phone 8 rolls around. We’d love to see some higher-end WP7 devices be picked up as a low-cost alternative to Android, which seems to own the entry-level smartphone market these days.

Check after the break for the full demonstration.

Via: WPCentral