RIM’s upcoming physical QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device won’t have a trackpad (Rumour)

Over the past few days we’ve seen various leaked internal docs that claim to be BlackBerry 10 device model numbers, namely the L-Series and N-Series. The L-Series will be the first BB10 device and will be all-touchscreen, featuring a 768×1280 screen resolution. The N-Series will follow and will possibly look like the Bold 9790, have a physical QWERTY keyboard and a screen resolution of 720×720.

Last week during RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Jam event in Toronto we experienced some hands-on time with their new touchscreen keyboard. It’s incredibly intuitive and will apparently learn as you type by predicting your next word. But what will happen on the BB10 device with a physical keyboard? Will RIM go the route of a trackball/trackpad again? Doesn’t look like it. A new screenshot has found its way online that details the experience users can expect, revealing a trackpad-less future and opting into “augment the QWERTY keyboard with a streamlined touch version of extended keyboard commands.” Basically as you type with the physical keyboard you’ll see your words/smileys/special characters pop up on the Action bar, then use swipe gesture to include them in your email/text/BBM.

Honestly, I’m pretty excited to see RIM’s BlackBerry 10 unfold… seems pretty fluid so far.