Update: Rogers to layoff 375 employees

Rogers is the largest Canadian wireless carrier with over 9.31 million subscribers. They also have their hands in all sorts of media, such as radio, magazines, TV, internet and also own a plethora of sports teams. Rogers is one of Canada’s largest employers with over 28,000. Last night we received an email that stated to “save Q2 2012” Rogers is gearing up to lay off 1,000 employees this week. Before posting this news we reached out to Rogers for comment and unfortunately they’ve stated it’s true, but not 1,000. The total number of layoffs – which is unfortunate – will be 375 and impact their wireless and wireline businesses.

Here’s the official statement:

Patricia Trott, Director Public Affairs stated “This was a very difficult decision. This is part of a comprehensive approach to cost management that we announced earlier this year. We’re managing costs in areas where it makes sense and continuing to invest in the future, driving the business forward and increasing revenue in key growth areas like machine to machine, mobile video and mobile payments.”

Update: In addition to this statement above, we’ve received an email from Rob Bruce, Head of Communications for Rogers, to employees that noted:

“As part of our cost management plan we’ve made the difficult decision to lay off 375 employees in Communications by consolidating work, reducing duplication and evolving our org structure where it makes sense. For example, we are moving the Revenue Discounts and Adjustments Under Raj Doshi, consolidating the Customer Analytics and Reporting function under Mike Adams, and moving the Operational Readiness and Support function to Mike Adams. Your SLT member and respective leadership team will share any changes to your team in more detail. As a leadership team we recognize we can’t deliver the same volume of work with fewer resources, so we’ve started to identify work we’ll stop doing. We’ll eliminate less valuable work while strengthening the value we deliver for our customers and shareholders.

People impacting decisions are never easy and it is always difficult to say goodbye to friends and colleagues that we’ve worked closely with over the years. These decisions were necessary to ensure our future success. Moving forward we’ll continue to manage our cost structure but more importantly, we’ll increase our focus on driving revenue growth. Revenue is what drives our business long-term, and it is a key area of ​​focus for us.”