Toshiba Excite 7.7-, 10.1- and 13-inch models come to Canada, we go hands-on

We had a chance to play with the Toshiba Excite trifecta — the 7.7-inch AT270, the 10.1-inch AT300, and the 13-inch AT330 — during Future Shop’s media blitz last week, and came away seriously impressed. All three devices are special in their own ways, especially when compared to the horror show that was the Excite LE, but it’s the Super AMOLED-equipped 7.7-inch that really knocked my socks off.

Internally, we’re looking at a 1.3-1.4Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 chip, 1GB RAM, 5MP back camera, 2MP front camera, Android 4.0, and various ports and screen resolutions. In terms of pricing, the 16GB 10.1-inch model — clearly the most “vanilla” of the three — runs $449.99, while the 64GB 13-inch brother packs a wallet wollap at $749.99.

The diminutive 7.7-incher has one of the nicest screens I’ve ever seen on a mobile device. At 1280×800 pixels we’re looking at a density of 196ppi, and the AMOLED technology makes colours pop and viewing angles endless. It eschews the full-sized SD card and HDMI out, but all three tablets share the same slim aluminum-clad body and Gorilla Glass fronts. The 10.1-inch version has a 1280×800 LCD and the 13-inch model runs at 1600×900. It also comes with a stand that orients the slate horizontally and vertically, and we could see it being used in boardrooms and showcases by virtue of its size and blazing speed.

The devices are currently available online at Future Shop and will be arriving in stores by the end of the month. Check after the break for some more photos.