TELUS discontinuing the BlackBerry Torch 9810

TELUS has discontinued the BlackBerry Torch 9810 in Silver, plus is also planning to discontinue the 9810 in White. Not the most surprising news and they’re possibly clearing stock for future devices, hopefully future BlackBerry 10 devices – which are still on track to launch in the “latter part of 2012.”

Over the past few months TELUS has put more energy into their Android lineup, heavily promoting themselves as the “Galaxy Headquarters” and offering a wide variety of Samsung devices. In addition, TELUS has also showed some love to Windows Phones by releasing the Nokia Lumia 800 and will also release the Lumia 610 in the coming weeks. To be fair, RIM hasn’t released a solid device in months but you can certainly count on the upcoming BB 10 devices to be widely available.

Everyday gets closer to a BB 10 device.

(Thanks tipster!)