Nexus 7 pops up on eBay, could be yours now for $400

Attendees of Google I/O will be given a boat load of loot to take home, 3 stellar products in total: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Q and Nexus 7 tablet. Some will keep them and show off to their friends, while others will take to eBay and put them up for sale. This is now happening with the Nexus 7 tablet. A few listings have popped up that price the 8GB tablet at $300 (USD), but you could “buy now” for $400 (USD). If you’re in a rush to get your hands on this 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet it might be something to think about.

In addition, there’s some ridiculous pricing out there… one guy wants $1,500 for the Nexus 7. If you wait a few weeks you could buy 7 8GB tablets for that price.

Source: eBay
Via: Phone Arena