Supreme Court gives $19 billion “System Access Fees” Class Action lawsuit the green light

The $6.95 “System Access Fee” that various carriers imposed on customers has been a hot topic for years. Mostly vanished now, but has probably been recouped in some form of fee such as the “regulatory recovery fee.” Today the Supreme Court of Canada has decided to move forward with a $19 billion class action lawsuit against several carriers, including Rogers, Bell, Bell Aliant and TELUS.

Tony Merchant of Quebec-based Merchant Law Group is representing Canadians who’ve been stung by the System Access Fee (see here). These are the same guys who are behind the iPhone 4 Class Action suit and the iPhone 4S Siri Class Action suit. The Supreme Court of Canada apparently declined to hear an appeal from the carriers, stating they knowingly reaped in millions of dollars from customers in “unjust enrichment.” Merchant notes he’s seeking damages for the past 20 years and that cellphones for wireless carriers have given them “gold and silver veins.”

However, Shawn Hall, TELUS’ spokesman said “We are confident the case is without merit and baseless, at least as it relates to Telus,”

Source: Reuters