TELUS opens new Business Store in Toronto

Over the past few months we’ve seen TELUS make some serious changes to their policies – new rate plans, phone unlocking, recycling program, roaming rates – and it now seems they are on the path to give their business clientele at bit more attention. Heavy money is being invested as they’ve opened a new flagship Business Store in Toronto. This concept store is specifically for small to medium sized businesses and has trained “consultants” that know business and can give one-on-one education on how to effectively use devices, plus find the best possible plans. The store is outfitted with live devices (phones, tablets, internet sticks) and interactive displays that have “the most innovative technology available for small to mid-sized businesses.”

TELUS is Canada’s 3rd largest wireless carrier with 7.36 million subscribers. They are sitting right behind Bell who as 7.4 million subscribers, and Rogers at 9.31 million.