Apple’s next iPhone will be “the biggest product launch in consumer electronics’ history”

Quote from Wells Fargo analysts:

Apple’s “new iPhone launches and the resulting earnings upside driven by demand have historically been the biggest share catalysts for Apple…. given what we believe will be the biggest product launch in consumer electronics’ history (iPhone 5 in fall).”

Not just Apple’s history. ALL consumer electronics’ history. The biggest product launch, ever. The next iPhone will outshine all the computers ever introduced, all media players (remember the glory days of the Sony Walkman), all TV’s. Everything. Bold statement considering Apple’s impending release is still a rumour. However, this certainly informs the masses that the future is in mobile.

The new iPhone is expected to be in market by October, come with a larger 4-inch display, LTE-enabled, thinner at sub 7.6mm, NFC, iOS 6, plus the headphone jack is rumoured to be at the bottom, along with a new 19-pin mini dock connector. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen images of what the new iPhone might look like (see here), yes it’s impressive, but “the biggest product launch in consumer electronics’ history” might be a stretch.

What do you think?

Source: Street Insider
Via: Computer World