Canadian government won’t place levies on microSD cards

A decision came down from the Canadian government today that will likely delight a lot of smartphone users with memory card slots. microSD cards will continue to be exempt from copyright levies despite the wishes of the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) to impose a small tax on each card sold.

“Our government is committed to building a strong and vibrant Canadian digital economy, the cornerstone of which must be the widespread adoption of cutting-edge digital technologies,” said Minister of Industry, Christian Paradis. “Placing a new fee on devices with removable memory cards, such as BlackBerrys and smart phones, would increase costs for Canadian families and impact the adoption of the latest technologies.”

The price of high-capacity microSD cards have dropped precipitously in recent months; you can purchase a 32GB card for under $20 in some cases. While the levy would have been minimal, a penny saved is a penny earned and so on.

Source: Marketwire