Steve Kondik, progenitor of CyanogenMOD, speaks about Android, openness and open-source at Google I/O (video)

If you’ve ever been curious to learn more about the man behind Android’s biggest custom ROM, now available on more than 100 devices across multiple manufacturers, then watch the video below. Steve Kondik comes across as a pretty regular guy, but has been raised to almost saintly heights based on the work that surrounds his online name.

On June 26th, the San Francisco Android User Group Meetup took place, the day before Google I/O began, and the hour-long chat brings to light many things that we’ve all likely been curious about: where does CyanogenMOD fit into the greater Android landscape; why is it so difficult porting the existing software over to new devices; and why do carriers try so hard to keep us locked out of our own hardware?

It’s a pretty interesting listen, go check after the break for the full clip. The second part should be posted in the coming days.

Via: Marakana