Alpha build of CyanogenMOD 9 now available for Bell Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE

When we reviewed Bell’s Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, we enjoyed it for what it was: an evolved GS2, but a device very much still in line with its predecessors. It had a great HD screen, excellent LTE speeds and a wonderful form factor, but we couldn’t help but lament for its future — a future with TouchWIZ 4, not the new Nature UX found in the Galaxy S III. We also wondered why it was released so close to its successor, but nevertheless it is a compelling option in Bell’s roundup.

Developer dsixda decided that enough was enough and ported CyanogenMOD 9, which is based on Android 4.0.4, to the device. Everything important seems to be working, as the hardware is largely similar to the Rogers Galaxy S II LTE but with a HD screen. The only aspect of the ROM that seems to be broken is the front-facing camera, which could be a big deal to some but unimportant to others. And due to proprietary MHL drivers, using a cable to convert the signal to HDMI is not working either.

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to install ClockworkMOD recovery on your device, make sure you follow the instructions very well and back up your current ROM!

Hit up XDA-Developers for all the juicy details.