Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S vs One X drop test proves that gravity feels no guilt (video)

The Galaxy S III may be the newest kid on the block, but site AdvicesMedia takes Samsung’s flagship and outfits it against the iPhone 4S and HTC One X in a series of drop tests to identify whether the new Gorilla Glass 2 is actually as strong as previously claimed. The iPhone 4S and One X both come with the original, slightly thicker version of Gorilla Glass, and it seems to work in their favour.

Drops were done from waist and then shoulder height, and both the iPhone 4S and One X fared much better than the Galaxy S III, which ended up in three pieces, with a cracked screen, after the second drop.

While this in no way is a definitive comparison — every phone is manufactured differently, and we know the iPhone 4S is notorious for cracking even from the shortest heights. That being said, we’d recommend getting a case for your new gorgeous Galaxy S III, just in case. Head on past the break for the full video.

Via: PhoneArena