FixYa reports details the biggest problems with today’s top smartphones

FixYa has released a report on the most virulent issues affecting today’s top smartphones, including the iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III and Lumia 900. Many of these issues pertain to battery life, overheating and loss of connectivity, but some of them, like the purple tint of the Lumia’s screen, are unique to one device.

Interestingly, both the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus suffer from the same top problem: microphone malfunction. While we’re not seeing a rash of user complaints on our end, it’s fascinating to see a problem that could be endemic to Samsung devices, since the issue doesn’t seem to affect other OEMs.

The report is pretty easy to understand — the company, which repairs phones, does this as a way to bring attention to its business — but it’s also a good resource for users to check whether their issues are commensurable.

Source: FixYa