New iPhone expected to be equipped with modified Samsung Exynos 4 SoC

The international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is equipped with one of the fastest quad-core solutions available to market right now, and if the rumours are true, the new iPhone will be equipped with a similar chip. Like the A4 and A5 in previous devices, both of which are based on slightly modified Cortex-A9 chips designed and manufactured by Samsung, the A6 (if it is indeed called that) will possess many similar traits to the Exynos 4212.

The new processor is built on Samsung’s new 32nm HKMG manufacturing process, bringing a 20% reduction in power over the 4210 while operating at double the speed in some cases. Certainly some improvements will be made to the process before it arrives in the new iPhone, but considering Samsung’s manufacturing capabilities we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Exynos 4212 as-is with a different name.

Samsung’s and Apple’s relationship is a tumultuous one in the public eye, but the two companies do billions of dollars of commerce behind the scenes. Procuring a power-efficient and capable quad-core SoC from Samsung, complete with LTE capabilities, would be a wise move for both companies.

Source: Digitimes
Via: PhoneArena